What is the Literature Free-Tour?

A free-walking tour of Lisbon Literature, covering the perspectives of portuguese writers such as Fernando Pessoa and José Saramago, and foreign writers such as Antonio Tabucchi , Pascal MercierErich Maria Remarque, and more!


Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

10am / 4.30pm


The tour starts at Praça Luís de Camões and covers the Chiado, Baixa and Rossio areas of Lisbon.


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6 responses to “What is the Literature Free-Tour?

  1. Timmo

    I enjoyed the tour a lot. Rafael introduced us into the world of Pessoa, Saramago and others. It was very interesting! – timmo

  2. Garry

    I joined Rafael a few days ago for his Chill Out Tours Lisbon Literature tour. I had intended to submit a TripAdvisor review for its wider reach. However, because I’d already submitted a few days earlier, a review of the popular general Lisbon Chill Out tour, TA prevents me leaving a ‘second’ review within three months.
    There was just Rafael and myself on this walking tour, where we examined the lives and work of Camoes, Pessoa, Saramago, Tabbuchi, and Remarque, including visits to monuments to the memory of the first three, and the location of Europe’s oldest contiuously operating bookshop Bernardo’s. For me the four hours zipped by. Clearly passionate about Lisbon’s literary heritage, Rafael’s delivery is not just authoritative but engaging and responsive too. All are qualities that the best learning and teaching practitioners aspire to. Also, like a good practitioner, Rafael sought to gauge my prior learning of the subject, and to reflect that in his level of exposition. I heartily recommend the Chill-Out Lisbon Literature Tour. Garry

  3. Garry

    Further to my review, just posted, I omitted to mention discussion on the tour of Eca Queiroz, and the sculpture that illustrates one piece of his work. Garry

  4. Lubo

    We highly recommend this tour. Rafael was very knowledgeable, passionate, respectful and interesting. Through telling us about the history, literature and character of the people we felt we had a deeper insight into the city and the Portuguese for the rest of our stay. He showed us a number of places that we would have not known about or visited even with the preparations we made for our trip to Lisbon. We learned a lot about the major authors and their books. And Rafael tailors the tour to you, based on the conversation you are having. We are from Canada. This tour is a Free tour, meaning you pay at the end what you feel it was worth to you. Bring comfortable shoes, as the website suggests.

  5. Maria

    Rafael was a great ambassador for Portugese literature. He is very passionate and knowledgeable and shows how Lisbon and the events surrounding these writers inspired them. We highly recommend and yes wear comfortable shoes and take water. No previous knowledge or reading required of authors’ works.

    • Garry Jones

      Maria, I too attended Rafael’s Lisbon Literature tour a year or so ago, and endorse your sentiments here. I thoroughly enjoyed Rafael’s narrative of the walking tour of buildings, monuments, and development of the Portuguese ethos. Recommended.

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