What is the Literature Free-Tour?

A free-walking tour of Lisbon Literature, covering the perspectives of portuguese writers such as Fernando Pessoa and José Saramago, and foreign writers such as Antonio Tabucchi , Pascal MercierErich Maria Remarque, and more!


Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

10am / 4.30pm


The tour starts at Praça Luís de Camões and covers the Chiado, Baixa and Rossio areas of Lisbon.


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(Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 10am/4.30pm)


We advise you to bring your comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. The tour lasts for 2h30/3h, and in case you don’t know, Lisbon is famous for being a very hilly city.

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A Literary Journey

In the tradition of the Original Lisbon Chill-Out Free-Walking Tour, this is a thematic Free-Tour of Literature.

The Lisbon Literature Tour explores Lisbon through the works of writers who were inspired by the city.


The Lisbon Literature Tour gives you a vision of Lisbon as seen by both portuguese and foreign writers, going from Fernando Pessoa and José Saramago to Antonio Tabucchi, Pascal Mercier and more!

However, it’s not just about books that take place in Lisbon or about the History of portuguese Literature…

It’s a journey into how the true feeling of a city can be captured through Literature!

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For Literature-Lovers



You will be guided by a local who considers Literature one of his greatest passions, along with the city of Lisboa itself.

This gives you the opportunity to explore your curiosity in Literature or share your passion, and know a fellow Literature-lover!


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Take the Journey!


Everyone can enjoy the Lisbon Literature Tour!

It’s not just writers or people who studied/work connected with Literature or Art that can do this tour, you don’t need to have read books by any of the authors talked about. We will introduce them to you!
If you have studied Literature and/or have read books by these authors, make this an opportunity to share your knowledge and learn a different perspective.

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Meet the Guides



A Sociologist in love with Art.

Literature is one of his greatest passions, and in his tour he brings to life the words that have best captured Lisbon.

He dreams of one day contributing to all the words written about the city, with some new words of his own.



Born and raised in Lisbon, he is laid-back, interested in sharing experiencies, Loves history, archeology, legends and urban myths, having knowledge of many unofficial stories and with extreme imagination, he creates his own theories, it’s more akin to a having a local good friend show you around their city experience or telling you a tale.
Loves to explore places and know people. He is a backpacker willing for adventure.

His biggest challeng is to find constinously new sensations, new emotions throughout what he does.

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Lisbon Chill-Out Free Tours Presents…

…the Lisbon Literature Free-Tour!

Lisbon Chill-Out, the team behind the Original Lisbon Free-Walking Tour is proud to announce it’s new tour, a Literature Tour!

Also a Free-Walking Tour, with independent local guides, that takes you through the downtown of the capital city of Portugal, but one that explores Lisbon, as seen by great writers.


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